July 30, 2016

Florals are usually my go to when I run out of things to wear because they are simply easy to style.

When I wore this look it was 100 scorching degrees so jeans were probably not the ideal bottom for that day. Nonetheless, I still pushed through and rocked my floral top. One strategy to use when styling florals is pairing them with a pop of color. This adds vibrance and dimension to the look without over exaggerating it. One mistake that people make is wearing florals with florals which is a bit too much and overly done. style synopsis floral and prints style synopsis floral and denim look  style synopsis floral looksstyle synopsis floral print style synopsis flower print look style synopsis mid summer look style synopsis mini cross bag style synopsis multicolored look style synopsis summer floral top style synopsis summer floral topsFlorals are prints that already have a lot going on with the pattern therefore, toning that down with a plain color is always the best bet. Neutrals as well compliment florals in a more subtle way. Think of your camels, beige and different tones of browns. When paired with florals. they will tone the look down and make it pop. As for bottoms when wearing floral tops, I usually go with jeans, denim shorts or plain shorts. The same applies to skirts. I steer away from longer skirts and stick to short skirts as the longer the skirt, the more the look gets too complicated and confusing. Try these few tips and see how you feel when you get your floral look together. I also always follow my gut when making decisions on what to wear. I guess this is the most neutral way to go about dressing up in florals or any other print.

Cheers xo!

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By Angé

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