June 19, 2016

I am not getting married yet  HA however, I am going to share a few tips on how to dress up to your wedding anniversary.

I wore this body flattering lace dress to my parents’ wedding anniversary and boy the heads I got turning. My sister and I dressed alike so I enjoyed the moment of feeling like I had a twin. This dress is very sexy and accentuates all the curves on your body I mean literally. When I was helping my mom figure out what gown she would wear on her big day, she was a bit worried that my sister and I were going to out shine her in these dresses on her big day. They are stellar and unique in a way. I remember her considering wearing this gown but I was like nope, lets find you something that would be more age appropriate hah! We however did not out shine my mom because it was her day so we found her a dress that complimented her form and that would make her presence be known. I always suggest wearing something form-fitting for a wedding anniversary to remind your partner of why they chose you. Anything flattering and elegant is a win win to have them keeping their eyes on you on this special day.

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By Angé

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