August 31, 2017

It is important to identify colors that suit your complexion or colors that make your skin tone pop. Yellows stick out the most to me including all colors under this umbrella for example mustards and golds. They bounce off well on darker skinned girls. The opposite is also true. For girls with lighter skin complexion, darker colors like reds and blues bounce off well on their skin too. When I wear anything in the yellow family, I minimize my accessories which is a plus because these colors are already fiery and bold therefore minimal accessories are more ideal in most cases. This gold silk romper alternative is an example of a color that I would wear and feel very confident. Not only does it make my skin pop, it also accentuates my shoulder blades and legs making them look more defined and longer. I accessorized with a seagrass embroidered clutch and black mules alternative because I did not want any flashy over the top accessories. Colors do so many good tricks to our bodies. It is just a matter of finding the right color that suits your tone. Here a few yellow looks I wore this summer to my best friend’s wedding festivities. Now that I think about it, yellow tones was the theme I went with however needless to say, it was unintentional. The day of her buddhist ceremony, I wore an off shoulder lemon yellow dress and the day of reception which was the big event, I wore a butterscotch dress.

Angela x


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Pretty Little Thing romper alternative | Make Me Chic Mules alternative

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By Angé

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