May 23, 2016

High/low dresses are versatile because they can be worn in different styles like pairing them with heels, sandals or sneakers.

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style synopsis glads style synopsis hi low dress style synopsis high low dress style synopsis long summer dress   style synopsis maxi dress  style synopsis summer dress look  style synopsis summer stylingThis dress has a formal style to it from the fabric to the silhouette.  It can however be worn in a less formal way by ditching heels and reaching out for sandals. It has a soft polyester texture that qualifies it for a summer dress. I would not wear this dress on a typical summer day that has unbearable hot temperatures accompanied with humidity. It’s cuffed sleeves and drapping skirt are simply not ideal for those weather conditions. It can though, be worn on a summer day with less humidity and bit of a cold breeze. I ditched wearing this cross bag as one, and decided to turn it into a fanny pack. It didn’t quiet turn out as expected since this cross bag has straps that can only be adjusted to a specific length. I wanted to go for a different look, wearing a formal dress with gladiator sandals and a fanny pack. Sounds like a fashion police offense (aha) but hey, I think I pulled it off.

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Sandals: ASOS

Dress: Nasty Gal

Bag: ASOS alternative here 

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By Angé

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