February 19, 2016


 Street Casual deep red shoes casual pieces

It is refreshing to kick back and wear something casual but stylish. Low heel booties, an oversized knit cardigan and a crossover bag scream casual to me. It’s the ability to maneuver around freely and comfortably that makes them a go to on lazy days.
knit cardigan and trench coat casual style knit and faux leather details
I do enjoy these days  because I get the chance to refrain from couture and high fashion styles. A simple a casual look is perfect for an errands day or simply a relaxing Sunday. Cheers xo! ♥
Coat: Zara alternative here
Cardigan : Express alternative here
Striped T-shirt: Zara alternative here
Shoes: Zara alternative here
Jeans: Zara alternative here
Cross body bag: Zara alternative here

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By Angé

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