June 26, 2016

Maxi dresses yes please!

I thrive when am in a maxi dress that is flattering and has the perfect fabric for humid temperatures and the right colors for a bright day. I spent the day in Georgetown per usual getting all my last necessities (clothes) ha! for my trip to Europe. Usually when I am in a place that attracts many people, Georgetown for instance, I like to pay attention to the style of all the street walkers. I do commend people who layer up when it is hot because I enjoy wearing my light fabric pieces during this time of the year.

style synopsis bright dress  style synopsis colored maxi style synopsis maxi summer dress style synopsis multicolor maxi dressThis maxi makes it to the top for me when it comes to selecting a maxi that is comfortable and stylish. I am a sucker for anything stylish but not over the top.  I recently purchased these slide sandals and I have to say, bingo. They are very comfortable and versatile. I know some of you might think all slide sandals are comfortable and what not but actually not all of them are. Slide sandals with soft bottoms that are not too harsh on the soles of the feet are super comfortable. Remember not all sandals are made that way.

style synopsis multicolored dress style synopsis summer dress style synopsis summer style style synopsis summer vibes style synopsis tall dressesCheers xo!

Express bag & shoes | LOFT dress alternative here

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By Angé

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