March 8, 2016

shirt dress & converse
Who does not love a shirt dress on a casual day. Shirt dresses are conveniently stylish when you pair them with the right pieces. I often wear my shirt dresses like this one alternative here with sneakers or converse sneakers to fully compliment the casual flare.
burgundy purse and converse casual look  I enjoy my converse days because they are the most casual ones. Least to say, I pushed the envelope a little here by adding them to this look so that I could give it a unique touch. I did wear a khaki parka to add warmth and color to the look.
chic in a parka dress shirt and converse khaki parka and burgundy purseI never was a fan of parkas surprisingly but now have a new-found love for them. Parkas especially those with trench styles have a relaxed feel that compliments any outfit. I added an envelope bag similar here to even the color selections and to add vibrance to the look.
round sunnies   If you don’t know how to style your shirt dress when wearing it during the cold seasons, choose between a parka or a fur vest to go with it. If you have a casual tee dress like this, try wearing it with a parka.
casual in canvas burgundy bag    Parkas are fun to wear with casual looks because of their simplicity and how they blend in well with bold colors. I usually wear formal shirt dresses with fur vests to add subtle sophistication to the look. Either way that you choose to style your shirt dress, try making it pop. Cheers xo

Shoes: Converse

Parka: River Island

Shirt Dress: Zara alternative here

Bag: Zara similar here

Sunnies from Aldo/ wrist wear from Express
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By Angé

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