January 21, 2018


These past few days have felt like the early days of spring with all the different temperature changes. From one extreme to the next, the temperatures went from close to zero degrees to the mid 60s. Two weeks ago, stepping out in a light sweater alternative outfit was not an option. It was extremely cold, making this winter one of the worst winters we have had. The spring temperatures this weekend allowed for my girls and I to hang out and have a fun night out on Saturday. Friday was also perfect because Joey and I celebrated one year of being together. YAY! Where does times go? I was excited to wear this outfit today because it is light and colorful. From these bold red slides alternative  to the distressed jeans alternative, I was far from disappointed in the weather.

The warmer temperatures couldn’t have come at a better time. Wearing light clothing with barely any layers was refreshing this weekend. I have planned light sweater outfits for the  new week because these warm temperatures will continue progressing towards the end of this week. I did not know that my light sweater collection was very small until now. Usually when I buy sweaters, I go for the chunky and heavy ones to minimize layering. I rarely shop for light sweaters because they call for more layers during bad winters. Nevertheless, they come very handy during spring and times like this when the weather drastically changes. I mostly wear my light sweater looks on occasions where I have to put effort into my appearance and when it is not unbearably cold. Needless to say, they are more flattering to the body when they are not oversized.

What type of seasons are you most comfortable with? Some people have season favorites. I do like sweater seasons and flip-flop season too. Every season brings something different including traditions. It is hence interesting to have warmer temperatures during the months we expect snow like this week has been.

Ange x

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Vero Moda sweater alternative | Express jeans alternative | Mango shoes alternative 

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