March 14, 2017

We are going to have more than five inches of snow on Tuesday blah blah blah! This was all over the news last weekend, so I  got all geared up for today’s anticipated snow storm. Lord and behold we got less than 3 inches of snow which I was not surprised by. Snow storms are over rated to some degree which tends to throw some of us off. Anyways, I hope this is the last sign of winter that we will be getting this season because I am so ready for spring.

style-synopsis-winter-mini-skirt-plaid-shirt-look style-synopsis-winter-mini-skirt-plaid-shirt-lookI always say to myself that autumn/fall is my favorite season however, I have come to appreciate every season and what it has to offer. Spring ignites a spark of vibrance and color that blossoms within, the deeper we get into the season. I have mentioned before that I am a sucker for color and anything vibrant, so this side of me gets to come out during this season. This mini skirt (alternative) is a perfect segue into spring.

style-synopsis-winter-mini-skirt-plaid-shirt-lookI like that it gives the illusion of long legs because of its bodycon fit. A plaid shirt (alternative) gave the look a subtle sophisticated finish and added proportion to the look. I do not normally wear stockings as they can be restrictive with certain looks but they did work for this one. Lets get the spring bells going because I am ready to ring them. Thanks for stopping by.

Angela x

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