November 29, 2017

Setting goals is as easy as counting from 1 to 10 however, setting tangible goals is a different piece of pie. Since we are approaching the end of 2017, I know that everyone is scrambling around trying to identify what their “New Year’s Resolutions” will be. I will be the first to say that I used to jump on this band wagon of madness a few years back. With maturity and more insightful perspectives on where I want to head in life, this terminology is not on my radar anymore. Well, not necessarily! I like to call New Year Resolutions “goals”. Tangible Goals!

This brings me to why I decided to create this post so let me cut the rambling short. Alright, I have always had a lot going on in life, like everyone does. The only way I decided to stay sane was by learning to set tangible goals. Goals that I can work towards accomplishing because they mean something to me. I define tangible goals as those goals that can reached with effective objectives. That is to say, these are goals that help you fulfill a void that is meaningful to you.

This year at the beginning, I set tangible goals by looking at what I had lined out for me to meet. I identified what my main priorities were and how I was going to turn them into success stories. For starters, graduating from graduate school was one of my biggest goals this year. I successfully accomplished this goal. What made this a tangible goal was that I was already working on it (objective) and had a deadline to meet it (graduation). Additionally, obtaining a full-time job and quitting my college part-time job, blah.. was also a set tangible goal of mine. I told myself that after acquiring my master’s degree, I had no reason for not being able to get a REAL job.

Now you all know the struggle is real finding a job these days. I prayed on it and hoped that something came sooner than later and it sure did. I finally got a full-time job in HR (field I got my master’s degree in) YAY! Lastly I won’t forget to mention my baby, and that is my blog. Here, where I get to build a community with you all, that support me and are still embarking on this journey with me. My final goal was to continue building stylesynopsis by increasing my engagement and expanding my brand.

I will say that I learnt newer strategies in 2017 on how to increase my social media engagement and how to be more present. Present in the sense of being consistent with blogging and networking. Networking by joining Facebook groups to get my name out there and learn from other bloggers too. Although I’m still far from where I want this blog to head, I’m thrilled that each year, I learn a thing or two. Needless to say, there are other endeavors that I’m proud of which I started this year like my travel business (this will be a later post). Tangible goals can be difficult to set especially when there are inevitable speed bumps in the way. I always say, have control of your destiny and great things will always follow.

ALT= Jeans and sweater look with heelsALT= chunky yellow mustard sweaterALT= TANGIBLE GOALS (Mustard sweater)ALT = Yellow patterned sweaterALT= black leather jeans & yellow chunky sweaterALT= Fall trendy street styleAnge x

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By Angé


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    Angeli Jones

    I love your sweater so much! That’s something I would def buy and wear!

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    Angela I like your idea of having tangible goals. I am with you woman. People go ga ga about having new year resolutions and they make haphazard decisions without thinking of what they might have to go through the entire year to achieve them. Good going woman with your goals!

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    Nuria Rose

    I definitely need this sweater, temperature are dropping down really tight here in VA. Also, wonderful post dear

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    Jamie deleon

    Loving your chunky knit sweater!

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    Aaaahhhhhh….this is some good stuff you mentioned here, Ange….thank you….webale nyo!

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      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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        You’re welcome. I’ll be passing by very often….that’s for sure.

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    Congrats on graduating and your new job! Love this idea of setting tangible goals! You got this!


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      Thanks Annie 🙂

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    Setting tangible goals really helps get the ball moving. Congrats!

    Jenn |

    P.S. Love your look here!

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