December 16, 2017

Bomber jackets are like an assortment of candy. They come in all kinds of patterns and styles. Faux fur bomber jackets to be specific are a new style trend that I’m getting hip to. It is a style that best suits anybody in the winter who is a sucker for anything faux fur. This style is extraordinary and timeless which makes for a closet staple.

My priorities switch when I have something planned or have somewhere to go on a Saturday. However, I like to spend Saturdays with a clear agenda having nothing planned. Needless to say, I would prefer everyday to feel like a Saturday.  I often like to dress more casual and not overly made-up on the weekend. I like to wear something comfortable that does not call for extra effort. This faux fur bomber jacket is very fluffy and soft making it a cozy winter must-have. I wore it with jeans alternative and sneakers alternative . This is a typical Saturday casual look that anyone can wear. It is my definition of comfort and subtle styling. It is also an inexpensive look that can be achieved at a low-cost.

Faux fur bomber jackets are a unique style because they can be worn by both men and women. Earlier this week, I was walking through Express browsing through their newest winter collection and I came across an over sized faux fur bomber jacket with fun fur embellishment. It was hanging on a table that was displaying women’s jeans. I immediately realized that this had to be a men’s jacket because of the structure and the style. For a minute I thought it was a women’s jacket. Blah! I was wrong. It got me there but then, I appreciated men’s style that much more as it is as eye-catching as women’s style.

I would love to know how you like to spend their Saturdays so let me know down below 🙂

ALT= Faux fur bomber jacketALT= Faux fur bomber jacketALT= Faux fur bomber jacket

Outfit Details

Express jacket | Zara jeans alternative | ASOS shoes alternative 

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By Angé

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