July 22, 2017

style-synopsis-gingham-mini-dress style-synopsis-arm-candy style-synopsis-two-toned-sandals style-synopsis-gingham-mini-dress   style-synopsis-gingham-mini-dress style-synopsis-beach-views style-synopsis-beach-essentials style-synopsis-gingham-mini-dress style-synopsis-gingham-mini-dress style-synopsis-gingham-mini-dress style-synopsis-beach-viewsI have not been to the beach yet this summer which sucks. Last weekend I discovered a secluded beach-like spot in the heart of downtown Baltimore. I enjoyed socking my feet in the sand and glancing at these beautiful views. I like going to the beach because I get to bask in the sun and play different kinds of beach sports. This spot is not your ordinary beach though. It was designed for people who play beach volley ball and want to hang out by the water. Either-way, I enjoyed sitting in the sand and enjoying a day out by the water. I wore this mini gingham dress that I borrowed from my sister. It is form-fitting and casual to wear on a day when you have nothing major planned to do. I wore slide sandals ( alternative) and accessorized with this print bag(alternative). I plan on going to the beach in a few weeks so that I can enjoy the full experience. For now, hideout places like this will work.

Angela x

Outfit details

Pretty Little Thing dress | Express sandals alternative | Mango bag alternative 



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By Angé

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