January 17, 2018

ALT = two toned Mary Janes

I’m not one to wear girly girl looks especially during the winter but sometimes you have to. A mini skirt  alternative helps me tap into that other side of me. The girly girl side. I get creative layering and playing with textures and tones. Although I do not wear mini-skirts on the daily during the cold months, it helps to switch things up. I’m a sucker for stockings. They balance a mini skirt look and give the illusion of long legs. Each time you wear a mini skirt or any skirt that is above the knees during winter, stockings are a great accessory to have. They help keep your legs warm but also have some elegance to them that is irresistible.

I played around with warm colors for this look from the tan coat alternative which has made several rounds on here, to the two-toned Mary Jane’s alternative. These shoes are super elegant and classy and always go well with my dressy looks.  The sweater and coat give the entire look a neutral feel not to mention that they are also very comfortable. Burgundy is my go-to winter color. I think you can never go wrong with it. It gives you a subtle color pop while it also contrasts with warmer pieces. It helps that this mini skirt comes in burgundy because it gives me ideas on how I can rotate different looks with it.

I hope your week is off to a good start. I have been planning my trips for the year since the beginning of the week. As I mentioned, I want to get back to traveling more and unraveling my wanderlust spirit.

Ange x

ALT= neutral warm sweaterALT = Burgundy mini skirt and trench coat lookALT= leather mini skirt and Mary Janes ALT = winter warm colors lookALT= beige coat with burgundy skirt and cream sweater

Outfit details

Zara shoes alternative | Missguided skirt alternative | J.Crew coat alternative  | ASOS bag alternative | Mango sweater alternative


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By Angé

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