August 1, 2017

Professional settings can be welcoming when it comes to dress code and appearance or they can be annoying about it. I have clearly had my own fair share of dress code hiccups when what I wore to work did not meet the “company dress code standards”. I personally think that businesses that still believe that professional dress code entails being suited up in black and white are very old school.  I think this is a traditional way of thinking and it prevents many office cultures from being progressive. Now that I am in HR working in professional settings, I try to break this old school tradition by pushing the envelope a lil bit. Lets be honest, black and white is lame and boring. Millennials on the other hand are very eager and like to think outside the box. We purposely deviate from old school traditions like this because they clash with the new school trends.

style-synopsis-frill-gingham-top style-synopsis-frill-gingham-top style-synopsis-frill-gingham-top-frill-crop-pants style-synopsis-frill-gingham-top-frill-crop-pants style-synopsis-frill-gingham-top-frill-crop-pants style-synopsis-frill-gingham-top-frill-crop-pants style-synopsis-frill-hem-crop-pants-heeled-sandals style-synopsis-frill-gingham-top style-synopsis-frill-gingham-embriodered-top-frill-crop-pants style-synopsis-frill-gingham-embriodered-top-frill-crop-pants style-synopsis-frill-gingham-embriodered-top-frill-crop-pants style-synopsis-frill-gingham-embriodered-top-frill-crop-pantsI try to go to work in outfits that are not your typical office wear like this look. I still get in trouble from time to time however, my goal here is to advocate for many millennials that love to express themselves through style haha! Although this gingham embroidered top alternative here & here could be a bit revealing in some work places, I think it is a great way to add color and detail to an office look. I am not wearing a push up bra so being booblicious can’t be an issue here lol! These frill trim hem pants on the other hand also add an interesting element to the look. They are not your average dress pants however they cover up well to fit the professional dress code. The frills at the bottom are intriguing and super chic. I paired the look with heeled sandals because you can never go wrong with a pair of black heeled sandals. These are a wide fit because if you wear heeled sandals, you know that after a while of wearing them, they get unbearably uncomfortable. I would love to hear your thoughts on how we millennials can continue to change the work place into a fashion friendly zone.

Angela x


Outfit details

Zara top alternative here & here  | Make Me Chic pants | ASOS shoes



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