July 7, 2017

If you can tell by now, I am such a big fun of off shoulder dresses and tops. This dress is such a statement piece that calls for minimal accessories. I also like that it compliments my complexion which makes it pop even more. I had to take it to the tailor to cut it shorter because it was a bit longer than I expected. I didn’t like how it looked on me given my height. Yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear during the summer months. It is reminiscent of past summer seasons and the fun-filled times. I have always had an eye for bright colors. I gravitate towards them and reach for a lot of vibrant pieces. They always say colors describe different personalities. I think every color I wear describes the kind of mood I am in. For the most part, I always wear yellows and reds because they are bright and bold. I started purchasing slides like these (alternative)  because they are super chic and show stoppers. I love the beaded embroidery and detailing because it elevates the look and adds dimension to it.


Angela x

Outfit details

Make Me Chic dress | Zara shoes alternative 


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By Angé

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    […] to say, it was unintentional. The day of her buddhist ceremony, I wore an off shoulder lemon yellow dress and the day of reception which was the big event, I wore a butterscotch […]

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