August 20, 2016

I am all for a jeans & tee kinda day. It is the perfect recipe for a look you can put together without even trying. I always feel the most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. When I want to look a bit more sophisticated and cute, I opt out of casual shoes and rather slide in some heels. With this look, I was directly shooting for casual in all aspects so I spiced the look up with a hat. I am not big on hats so this  look was a bit of a stretch although I think I rocked it. I am sure you are tired of my Rebecca Minkoff boy bag but hey, I can’t help but make it my go-to. You have to give me this one. It is very chic and elegant. Can’t blame a girl ha!style synopsis casual simple style  style synopsis ripped jeans & tee style synopsis ripped skinny jeans style synopsis simple look with a hat style synopsis summer hat style synopsis vibrant color huesCheers xo!

Zara jeans similar here | Pinkie shirt alternative here  | ASOS hat alternative here | Mango shoes

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By Angé

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