June 29, 2017

It is finally safe to say that shorts season is now in full swing. I enjoy summer because of the simple fact that getting dressed up is not much of a stretch. Shorts are uniform this time of the year which comes as no surprise.  You see girls styling them in unique and game changing ways however it boils down to how comfortable I feel in them. On those lazy days when I am not motivated to put thought into an outfit, shorts and a casual tee do the trick. I wanted to elevate this look without looking too casual and went with an off the shoulder frilled top. It adds drama and dimension to the look and gives a girl next door allure. I have always raved about getting a white off the shoulder top but never actually took time to buy one. After a couple of months on the back burner, I finally got this one from Zara.

style-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsstyle-synopsis-off-shoulder-top-denim-shorts-gingham-sandalsI have been obsessed with gingham ever since the beginning of spring. It is one of those trends I have had my eye on from the moment I started noticing elegant pieces of the print in stores. I love it because it essentially is versatile and captivating. From shoes like these strappy sandals to dresses, shorts, tops, I mean the list goes on. This print reminds me of my middle school uniform which brings back many childhood memories. Who knew 10 years down the road, this print will be a trending sensation. Although I love keeping up with trends, I don’t really center my sense of style around them. I always tell people to push the envelope by following their creative sense. It does not have to trend to catch one’s eye. At the end of it all, it is all about how you feel.

Outfit details

Ego Official shoes | Zara top alternative | Express shorts alternative


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By Angé


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    Joey Heilman

    I love this outfit!!!

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      Thanks Joey 🙂

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    MEOW!!!! Super Chic!

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