June 12, 2016

style synopsis beach must havesGoing to the beach should be on anyone’s summer bucket list. There are so many beach activities that you never want to miss participating in. Get all your beach essentials so that you enjoy your mini vacation socking your feet in the sand and listening to the waves of the ocean worry free. The last thing I need when at the beach is noticing that something I know I will need for sure is not in my beach bag. Sunscreen for example is a must have. Some girls with darker complexion do not find this essential, however, it is crucial that you protect your skin from harsh sun rays regardless of your skin tone. I like to read by the beach, so I always have a book or two in my beach bag. I also like to have a sweet and floral perfume, to keep the spice going and least to say, a sweet and fruity scented hand cream never hurts to have as well. I like to mix and match my bathing suits from two pieces with bold and printed styles, to one pieces. Playing dress up in bathing suites is literally like playing with crayons in pre school ha!

Enjoy your summer! Cheers xo!

Hand Cream: Bath & Body Works

Perfume: Kenzo

Bathing Suit: Victoria’s Secret 

Sandals: Oldies (can’t remember from where :/ ) alternative here

Hat: H&M alternative here

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By Angé

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