September 8, 2017


Now that the school year is back in full swing, I can’t help but look back and say, Gosh… that used to be me. I honestly hated this time of the year because I knew I had 4 months ahead of me to figure out my life. Going to school while having a full time job on top of blogging was no joke. It was a lot to juggle especially because all three of these aspects were and still are truly meaningful to me. In my case, I struggled a lot with balancing my life and all that came along with it. Along came stress, anxiety, fatigue and everything else that the body does not accommodate very well. I had to figure out a way to cope before losing my sanity. Here are a few remedies for those that struggle with having a work life balance.


This is huge especially if you have so much going on and can’t seem to get a grip of it all. I usually look at what is more important and then make it my primary priority. I then figure out what else needs to be handled that I consider a second priority. In my case, school was my biggest priority because of the high expectations Georgetown University sets for students. Failing was never an option so I always dedicated most of my time to school.


Life is all about making the most of it by enjoying every moment, like it is the last one despite the chaos going on. I always take a break from my busy schedule even if it means taking an hour to watch Love and Hiphop (love this show) or Bachelor in Paradise (I still need to catch up). This is always a great way for me to reset and clear my mind a little. I also enjoy taking trips because this helps me leave my stressors behind, get a clear mindset and then approach life again on a clear slate.


There is nothing frustrating and daunting like indulging in things for that sake of it. For example, working at a job that makes you cringe every time a colleague talks to you, or every time you have to face your micromanaging boss. It is important to pursue things that will add value to your life and meaning. If you are at a job that you hate, figure out a plan B. I have a 5 year plan already set that I work on each day. It is ok to not to be where you want to be in life now, as long as you are working towards a better lifestyle. We all start somewhere right…


Take a step back and look at characteristics about you that could be the reason that you can’t get your sh*t together. Are you a workaholic that you barely spend time with your family and friends? Are you anti social that you can’t do happy hours with your girlfriends? It is ok to identify traits that you want to work on that prevent you from having a life literally. Making small observations and identifying how negatively they impact you can be a good start to a balance life.

We all struggle with balancing things that are dear to us however there is always a way to persevere. Summer is finally hitting the finish line so I’m planning on creating a blog post on my favorite 2017 summer looks. In the mean time, you can marinate on this gingham look. I paired these gingham crop pants with an off the shoulder top alternative and spiced the look up with these short heeled sandals. I love a good color pop, so these shoes alternative always do justice to looks that need some color like this one. I still struggle with balancing my life out however I will say that it is getting better day by day because I’m doing something about it.

Angela x


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