August 31, 2016

stylesynopsis-chic-flared-pants-styles stylesynopsis-high-waisted-flare-pants stylesynopsis-high-waisted-flared-pants stylesynopsis-neon-dress-pants stylesynopsis-neon-orange-flared-pants stylesynopsis-summer-formal-pants stylesynopsis-flared-pants stylesynopsis-wide-legged-flare-pants stylesynopsis-wide-legged-pantsThe most flattering thing to the female form is wearing something that accentuates it. This can be anything from an exquisite bodycon dress to sculpted high-waisted flared pants. I feel divine in these pants as they are structured to fit with precision. They are versatile in a way that they can be worn in a formal and moderate way. I paired them with this tee with embellished jewels that compliment it very well. The feeling of sophistication is an understatement when I walk in these pants. I feel elated and impeccable because they just add an extra topping of charm to the entire look. The first time I wore them, was with a lace bodysuit (check out the look  here) and so I decided to think of something completely different this time around. You be the judge on what look you gravitate to the most.

Cheers xo!

AQAQ pants | JCREW tee | Nasty Gal globe bag (sold out but you can get on the waitlist to get notified when it is restocked)

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By Angé

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