January 4, 2018

2018 is here which means starting off on a clean slate and aiming for higher levels of success. Each new year is a way for me redeem myself from the down falls I faced in the previous years. Something tells me that 2018 is going to be the year for me to flourish and grow in everything I put my mind to.

I know deep down that this will be the year where I will do things that scare me the most.

Things that will bring me success and more happiness will be the first to go on my goals and objectives list. I have yet to jot down all my goals for this new year. Goal setting has helped me develop and grow in so much aspects of  life. I have been ranting about this in the last few posts because it means a lot to me. Each year I try to measure the levels of success that I’m able to get to. This does not necessarily mean financial success but also spiritual and mental success.

These factors are just as important as financial support. Having spiritual and mental success has helped learn ways to strategize and maximize on resources. For example, by thinking outside the box and doing things that I normally would not think to tackle. I know deep down that this will be the year where I will do things that scare me the most. Things that I have put on the back banner in fear of losing and not succeeding.

This was one of my last looks I wore in 2017. It has been extremely cold lately which calls for a lot of bundling up. This fur vest alternative has been a closet staple for a while now because it is versatile. I paired it with boots alternative and this striped skirt alternative and sweater alternative combo. I’m a sucker for stockings because they always give off a glam-chic look.

Happy New Year!
Ange x

ALT= winter fur vest for successALT= STYLISH FUT VESTALT= fur vestALT= chic fur vestALT= fur vest- checked-skirtALT= elegant bootiesALT= over size fur vest

Outfit details

Zara vest alternative, skirt alternative, boots alternative, bag alternative | Mango sweater alternative


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By Angé

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