June 8, 2017

Graduation was two weeks ago and it is still surreal that I finally graduated with my Masters in Human Resources Management (HRM). Graduate school is no joke because you have to deal with all the anxieties centered around the process of completing an advanced degree. My background prior to graduate school was in social work, so HRM was completely new to me. Needless to say, I switched degrees because social work was simply not my calling.

style-synopsis-graduation style-synopsis-graduation style-synopsis-graduation style-synopsis-graduation

style-synopsis-graduationWhile in graduate school, I worried about maintaining good grades since Georgetown University has such high expectations for students. I persevered and studied really hard because failing was not an option. My advice to anyone joining grad school is to believe in yourself and keep a positive mindset. This is what got me through school. I am extremely thrilled that I now have my future set. I did get a great job in HR shortly before graduation which is exciting. However, this was not a smooth sailing, let me just  throw that out there. I went through so many lows during my job search days. From multiple employer rejections to employers ghosting , I did face my own tough times as I tried to find a stable job to help jumpstart my career. This process made me stronger and more confident in what I am capable of offering an employer despite the stressors that come with job searching. Sometimes I doubted myself not because I wasn’t confident enough in what I had to offer, but because I had so many doors shut on me that sometimes I questioned my potential.

style-synopsis-graduation style-synopsis-graduation style-synopsis-graduation  style-synopsis-graduation style-synopsis-graduationstyle-synopsis-graduation style-synopsis-graduation style-synopsis-graduationstyle-synopsis-graduationFast forward to the day of graduation, one of the biggest milestones thus far in my life, I was freaking out the week before because the weather forecasted rain showers. I had this idea in my mind of an out-door backyard party at my house (parent’s house). Friends, family, good vibes, food, drinks, music you name it! On graduation day, it was extremely humid, the sun was out and I was excited that the weather forecast was wrong. I got up early to set everything up so that I had enough time during the day to head to school for the commencement ceremony and not worry about the logistics of the party. My makeup did not turn out as I wanted because it was running and I was sweating because of the humidity. The festivities had to go on so I put this behind me and went with an easy makeup do. When I got to school, I got notified that the ceremony had been moved to the gym due to the extreme humidity which literally had a few guests passing it.

style-synopsis-graduation style-synopsis-graduationNow at this point, I was frustrated because each student was limited to only 4 guests if the ceremony got moved to the gym. I had 10 family members so only four could come into the ceremony. It was unfortunate but I had to stay focused and go with what was bound to happen. After 3 hrs of  attending the scheduled events at school, I finally headed home to the party. This is when my whole life started crumbling down one rain drop at time. Yes, it started raining heavily! All I could think of was my beautiful set up in the backyard that got me up at 3am in the morning to put together. I had lanterns floating in the air creating a beautiful angelic atmosphere but the rain crushed them and lowered them. In this moment, I wanted to crawl in a corner and cry. I was so disappointed, angry, let down, stressed, all the negative emotions one can think of, I experienced.

style-synopsis-graduation style-synopsis-graduationstyle-synopsis-graduationstyle-synopsis-graduationI had no choice but to move everything inside the house. The rain was such a big obstacle for the event because I had envisioned a beautiful backyard party with white lanterns and a color skim of white, yellow and black & white stripes. I did not dwell on this for long and immediately started thinking of alternative options. Shortly after this madness, it stopped raining and now we had to move everything back outside yet again. Gush! The rain caused a delay in guests’ arrival which helped me buy time to rearrange the party area. In the end, my party turned out great. All my friends and family were happy and made remarks about having a great time. This is all I needed, good energy while I celebrated my accomplishments. I wore this white bodycon dress alternative here & here  from AQAQ which got me so many compliments. I wanted to elevate this look so I went with these heeled sandals (alternative) that added color to the look. White seemed to be a common theme among all the graduates at the ceremony. Score!

Angela x

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AQAQ dress alternative here & here | DSW shoes alternative

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