April 13, 2016

style synopsis_ crop top and denim I recently went to the Tidal Basin to watch the cherry blossoms and take some memorable pictures. Unfortunately I was a bit late because the cherry trees had all dried out (bomber). I enjoying going out here to relax by the Lincoln Memory because it is by the Potomac River which is very scenic and tranquil. I figured this look would be perfect for the occasion since it was warm and bright outside.

style synopsis_ crop top style synopsis_ destroyed jeans and crop top I like that this frilled top is a semi crop top because it does not show a lot of skin and has enough room for movement. These flat shoes are now my go to’s and will be throughout the summer because they are chic and stylish. They go with everything which is a win win.

style synopsis_ ripped denim  style synopsis_ spring picksFinish off this look with a bold lippie like I did. This is Flat Out Fabulous by Mac. Thanks for reading xo!

The full look is from Zara: Top,  alternative for JeansShoes, alternative for the Bag 

Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot

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By Angé

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