June 28, 2016

Summer is here and I can’t help but fish in my closet for the cutest and simplest outfits.

I love me a pair or two of shorts that fit true to size. There is nothing that frustrates me and I mean really gets me rolling my eyes like shorts that are not flattering on my body. I always have this struggle with shorts especially those that look one way but fit another. The thing I struggle with the most with shorts, is finding cute ones and then realize after trying them on that they look disastrous on me. Usually for most shorts, they are either too big by the waist line and fit the butt and hip area well or vice veser. I always have difficulty finding shorts that fit my waist and lower bottom true to my shape. I do have a very small waist so that is something that only hurts when I shop for shorts. I also HATE shorts that fit tight without giving the goodies room for oxygen. I never feel comfortable and honestly, I like my shorts free and a bit loose.

style synopsis casual fashion style synopsis casual summer outfit style synopsis flat sandals  style synopsis striped blouse & khaki shorrts style synopsis striped casual style  style synopsis stripes style style synopsis stripped blouse style synopsis summer fashion style synopsis summer sensation style synopsis summer street stylestyle synopsis khaki shorts & stripped blouseThese shorts are perfect for me because they fit just right and do have enough room for movement. They really make me feel at ease and less paranoid about the what ifs. Yes they have a dull color but am all for, fits true to size and versatility. I like wearing high-waisted shorts too, if they are not showing too much cheeks if you know what I mean. I quickly put this look together to explore the color coördination thing going on here  with this layered top and bright flats and I quite liked it. I hope you do too.

Cheers xo!

Zara shoes similar here, top, shorts similar here | ASOS bag similar here 

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By Angé

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