April 11, 2016

It should be evident at this point that bodycon dresses are my thing. This two piece dress is flattering from its two piece style to its silky texture. This was the second time wearing it since I brought it last year and I still felt confident and sexy the second time around.

style synopsis_ glam lookstyle synopsis_ bodycon dress  style synopsis_ glam  style synopsis_ houseofcb two piece style synopsis_ two piece look  style synopsis_two piece dress I wanted to wear a bindi with this look but did not put much interest to it. I have a thing for bindis and I probably will start posting more pictures wearing them. I went with longer earrings this time which I do not usually wear because of my short hair. Its still a pleasure having you read my content.  Cheers xo.

Two Piece Dress: HouseofCB

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By Angé

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