October 1, 2016


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stylesynopsis-long-duster-vest-styleI have been MIA for a minute so my apologies in advance. Sometimes life obligations get in the way of everything so I hope you all understand.  Now let’s get rolling with today’s blog post. Fall is here and I don’t know about you, but I am elated. Fall has always been my favorite season; one because of the impeccable fashion and trends and two because of pumpkin spice lattes ha! Layering is the sweetest recipe to an astonishing fall look. Temperatures are still making their way down to the coldest autumn days so layering with light pieces like this duster vest can be an option before it gets extremely cold. Dusters are incredibly versatile and never disappoint when you go blank with deciding on what to wear. This look is my hello to fall ensemble so I had to step foot into the season by completing it with these 120mm stilettos. These bad girls are the ultimate aha moment for a game charger look . Not only do they give you extreme leg length, they are very feminine and chic. Throw fall ideas my way, I promise to catch-all of them. (That was cheesy lol but what are you looking forward to this fall on the blog? ) Thanks for stopping by you incredible person. Cheers xo!

Christian Louboutin stilettos | Bershka duster alternative here | Zara bag | Express jeans similar here | Missguided top alternative here
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By Angé


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    There is so much to say about that out fit . I love every thing about it you have made me fall in love with fall season 😘😘😘😘

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      Thanks Vivian 🙂

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