April 26, 2016

style synopsis chic in culottesI like to give my style a modern twist here and there by wearing sculpted and structured pieces. This look is elegant because it has an appeal that strikes confidence and dominance in a woman.

style synopsis modern chic style synopsis culotte style style synopsis culotte pants I like the color marriage going on here with the pop of red  from the double layered striped top and shoes that contrast well with the white culottes. I wore this look to church because it has a modest flare that is conservative and chic. Church gets the pass for conservative looks aha!

style synopsis culotte look

style synopsis stripped top

style synopsis chicI like wearing white clothing however, I am never enthusiastic about spending a whole day in a white outfit. I do not know about you, but white is one of those colors I am cautious about and I try making sure, when wearing anything white, I  keep it stain free. Thanks for reading xo!

Top: Zara Pants: Zara

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By Angé

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