January 11, 2018

ALT= winter-long-coats

People tend to lean towards neutrals in the winter and stay away from bold colors. A typical black or all neutral look screams winter however a color coordinated look pushes the envelope a bit. Color coordinated looks are very stylish and elegant which is why I try to style my winter looks with color. I layered this look with an oversized Oxford blue long coat herehere. I wore my boyfriend’s sweater alternative to compliment the oversized look I was going for. Boyfriend styles are more catchy when you actually wear a men’s version of a piece and not a female version that replicates the male version.

For example wearing an actual pair of men’s jeans to get the boyfriend jeans look than wearing female boyfriend jeans. I want to start creating monochrome color coordinated looks that feature male styles. This is popular in high fashion and therefore I want to start incorporating similar styles to my looks on here as well. I added orange pants to give this outfit a color coordinated look. The Burgundy sock boots alternative also elevate the look adding more color coördination. These boots are similar to those shoes that are pretty looking but are painful to wear. I love the way they add color to color coordinated winter looks and that is about it. They cause a lot of discomfort unfortunately.

My go-to color coordinated winter color themes are olive-green, Oxford blue, oxblood and mustards. Meanwhile what are your favorite winter color themes? I would love to know so comment below. Despite loving color coordinated looks, I also wear neutrals from time to time depending on my mood. I usually wear them in the early fall months.

Ange x

ALT= winter color coordinated look

ALT= winter color coordinated lookALT= winter color coordinated lookALT= winter color coordinated lookALT= winter color coordinated look

Outfit details

Coat alternative herehere | Sweater alternative | Zara boots alternative | Express pants alternative | Zara bag, scarf similar

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By Angé

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