February 9, 2018

ALT = chunky sweater

Chances are that we might be getting spring earlier than expected. Knee high boots alternative have been in my winter survival kit. I got these boots from Zara about two years back and I love their unique style and versatility. I normally wouldn’t wear knee-high boots with a skirt… a short skirt to be specific. These boots go with all my short skirt outfits and jeans as well. The temperatures have fluctuated lately from ice freezing rain to some days warmer than others. Knee high boots have been my go-to.

I always play it safe with these because they are elegant and can handle those ugly rainy days. I wore a sweater with this look because it tones the look and adds dimension and warmth. I love this sweater alternative because of the chunky turtle neck detail that goes up to my lips. This allows for more warmth and is stylish too. In the past, I was not the biggest fan of turtle necks because they always got me really hot. Now, I stock up on many especially if they are chunky sweaters.

They make for easy styling and cozy looks. These knee-high boots paired with this check flared skirt and sweater is a great look for a date. Additionally, this look can be worn on a night out with friends to dinner or even brunch. I felt like a girly girl in the flared skirt alternative but also the knee-high boots gave me macho girl vibes. It was raining on my way to brunch when I wore this look and these knee-high boots did the trick.  You can’t go wrong with a good pair of knee highs on a rainy day. Just make sure they are not heels because that could cause a major disaster.

Ange x

ALT = Knee High Boots winter styleALT = Knee High Boots winter styleALT =Chunky sweater with skater mini skirt ALT = Knee High Boots winter styleALT = Knee High Boots winter style

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