August 17, 2017

I went to New York City (NYC) a few weeks ago as you can tell from this post. I think I was more excited about enjoying the different cuisines the city has to offer and not so much the views of the sky scrapers. When New York comes to mind, I think of food and culture. The majority of the population indulge in these two aspects to life that shape the city. Here is a list of restaurants that I went to thanks to the multiple google searches of top restaurants in NYC, Instagram recommendations and online reviews. I was not disappointed at all. One downside however, to restaurant hopping in NYC, is the tedious wait time (30-45 minute) to get seated. Most places will not take reservations especially if they have communal table sitting.

style-synopsis-new-york-skyline#1. Cheese Grille 

I arrived in New York around 2am because Joey and I decided to drive to New Jersey, park the car and then take the train into the city. I was more than certain that we would find plenty of great late night restaurants because let’s be honest, it is New York. No one ever sleeps (lame joke). I came across Cheese Grille through a quick google search best late night food in Soho and the reviews sold me away. First, the restaurant closes at 3am on Fridays and second,  it was less than 15 mins away from our hotel. This was a plus given that we were extremely tired. I did not get a chance to take pictures of the food because I was so exhausted and checked out for the day. I got the Little Italy which literally tasted like pizza (the waiter highly recommended it). This is a great take out restaurant and not so much dine in as it is not spacious.

#2. Black Tap NYC

If burgers and shakes are your weakness, this is the place for you. We waited in line for 45 minutes to an hour at the Midtown location (yes, an hour). This restaurant is very popular because of their incredibly designed shakes crafted to please. It has the best shakes I have ever had and did I mention their burgers are so big and juicy. I smothered my face with the Texan Burger and did not even get to my sweet potato fries because that is how filling the burger was. I think it is safe to say that the best burgers to buy in NYC are at this restaurant. If you are willing to spend a little more than usual on a lunch or dinner bill, then this place is worth it. This was one of a few restaurants I learned of from Instagram. I told myself that I had to dine here at all costs. Their Instagram grid has an aesthetic presentation that lured me in. I wanted to get a window seat to take multiple pictures.Because there was a high volume of guests waiting to get seated, the host was sitting people based on available seats.


#3. Egg Shop NYC

My first attempt to get into this restaurant was an epic fail. We were told by the hostess that there was a 45 minute wait. I was not willing to stay in line because I was starving to death (I’m exaggerating but I was grumpy therefore waiting was not an option). The second time around, we had no choice but to wait because at that point we figured that waiting at restaurants for a while is the norm in NYC. This restaurant was another Instagram find that I had to check out. It has a communal table sitting style that sometimes can be an inconvenience if you value personal space. We went there for brunch and I liked that they have reasonable prices. If you are willing to wait in line for a restaurant with reasonable prices (which is not common in NYC)  then this place is worth a try.


#4. The Butcher’s Daughter 

If you are a vegetarian that loves variety, this vegetarian only restaurant is for you. I’m not vegetarian and believe me, I must have  meat in all my meals. This place, in the heart of Soho however had me at “avocado toast”. I could not resist it so I stopped by and waited with Joey for about 30 minutes before we got seated. It  has communal table sitting as well so be mindful. We went in for brunch the same day we made our first attempt going to Egg Shop. Because we didn’t have time to wait in line at Egg Shop and The Butcher’s Daughter was right around the corner, we opted for it. The wait was about 30 minutes compared to Egg Shop which was 45 minutes. The restaurant has a variety of mimosas to select from ( I thought mimosas were made of champagne and orange juice only). They have about 6 different types of mimosas which each having a different kick to it (I had the water flower mimosa).

style-synopsis-mules-trend#5. Ice & Vice

This spot has unique ice cream flavors that can be customized with toppings of your choice.. I had a big oopsy when I dropped this big-ol ice cream slice topping from Joey’s cone. This ruined the moment because I couldn’t stop thinking about my extra $6 that went to waste. The place is a bit pricey especially if you go into it thinking you are going to pay average ice prices. It is however worth it because it is so yum.




Angela x

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