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Toronto is full of fun stuff to do, like visiting the CN tower, going to the Ontario science center, St Lawrence Market etc. Although, I did not do any of those things ( I know), I still found ways to make my trip worth while. Now you might be wondering why I did not go to the CN Tower and all these other touristy sites. Well, I frequent Canada from time to time and know that someday I will go these places. I decided do low-key activities like paint balling, go-kart racing and attempted ice skating because my trip was short.

  • Some of the things I recommend doing when in Toronto are definitely visiting the CN tower and participating in the Edge walk. This is a fun activity that gives you a snap shot of Toronto from above.
  • Going to the Nathan Phillips Square where you will see the big Toronto sign. You also won’t miss the ice skating rink which is right there.
  • Try going to Smokes Poutinerie as they have the best poutine in Canada thus far. At least that is what I think. Think of creamy cheese and gravy dropping on your palette and intensifying your urge for cheese fries with gravy. That is the sensation I got every time I went to this poutinerie. They have amazing add ons like BBQ pulled pork aside from offering only classic poutine.
  • Tim Hortons coffee is a must have especially if you want to warm up on the best lattes in town. Timbits, BLT sandwiches and French vanilla lattes are my favorite orders if not the only orders I made.

Cheers xo!

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