May 10, 2017


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Mango dress alternative | Zara bag alternative, sandals similar :

Adulting has some aspects to it that are not too exciting like paying bills and some that are extremely joyous like being independent and certain about the way we want to live our lives. We all make choices whether good or bad, and learn a great deal from them. Sometimes I wish my parents warned me about the responsibilities of being an adult in great detail haha. As I near graduation, I am getting mini reality checks on the next phases of my life. Although scary in a good way, it is a chapter I have to flip over to, so that the unthinkable can take their course. There are so many life events that we go through as we adult and many realities that we face. I have noticed that I have a much more rounded grasp on life and what expectations to set for myself. I have learnt to appreciate experiences that I go through that might not seem too grand in the moment, but later turn into the I wish I could live in that moment again.


I have also learnt to worry less and live each day to the fullest by not creating problems do not exist, by worrying. I continue to goal set which helps me accomplish so much in the long run. I appreciate friends and family members that are sincere and those that root for me. The most important thing I am learning about adulting is enjoying life to the fullest like we all did when we were toddlers. Worrying less and eating more, always positive and optimistic about the next thing. So what does adulting have to do with this look? Well, this multicolored dress (alternative) gives me happy thoughts and the urge to go on a tropical island. This dress is also versatile because you can wear it as a bath suit cover up or as a casual dress.  For the most part, all my looks tell a story and that story focuses on what my thoughts are centered on and why I feel that way. Everyday comes hoops and huddles however I try to focus on the end goal. I wanted to add this detailed bag (alternative) to this look to elaborate on details and color accents. This is going to be my last head wrap look for now however my brain will be cooking up some new head wrap styles. On that note, I would like to hear your thoughts on adulting. Thanks for stopping by

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By Angé

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