March 21, 2017

Spring What!

First things first, it is finally here and I couldn’t be happier on this second day of spring. I have been impatiently awaiting spring for the last 3 weeks, and I am so glad it is finally here. I mentioned before that I have learned to appreciate different seasons and what they have to offer. I get excited and giddy about spring because everybody gets a pass to wear vibrant and flashy outfits. Not that you can’t wear them in other seasons, it is much more exciting to wear them when the spring flowers have blossomed and when the sun is out more often. I know I enjoy my vibrant accessories like this cross body bag (alternative). I snagged this sensational piece when I was in Spain last year and boy, I love how it elevates any look with its flamboyant red.

style-synopsis-spring-pastel-jacket style-synopsis-spring-pastel-jacket


style-synopsis-spring accessories

style-synopsis-spring-pastel-jacketThe first thing that usually crosses my mind as we approach spring is pastels and florals. These two accents make the season much more fruitful and charming. I had to kick off day two of spring in a mixed pastel satin bomber jacket (alternative). Satin bombers are mostly appropriate when the temperatures are warmer and when the sun is out because they are not heavy. The delicacy of blue, white and pink of this bomber harmonize to give off a mellow effect. I threw on distressed jeans (alternative) because they are super catchy for a casual outfit. I want to invest in a couple of mules soon because they are effortless and chic as well as being versatile. These fabric mules from Zara are embellished  to compliment bold pieces and outfits. Despite being comfortable, they are also a game changer when matched with a not so exciting look. They give off an effortless flare with minimal precision. Thanks for stopping by as always, I appreciate you, you and you!

Angela x

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By Angé


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    gorgeous outfit 🙂 loving the bomber jacket!!! :*

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