July 26, 2016

Those that follow me on my Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook know that I went to Europe for about two weeks. I visited five countries and six cities. I sort of looked at my trip as the Amazing Race because I literally was on the go from one country to the next hoping from plane to plane. Had a very memorable time though. Europe is different from the Americas when it comes to culture and social being. I took it all in as I am all for change and new experiences. This post is a bit lengthy so my apologies in advance.


I was in Paris for about two days and spent most of the time touring around like any other adventurous person would. I spent half of the night upon arrival, by the Eiffel Tower taking as many pictures as I possibly could. It is such a beautiful piece of art and at night, this enduring symbol of Paris is lit to brighten up the city. I guess this is done to demonstrate the vibrance of the iconic city.

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style synopsis in France 18WHERE TO STAY:

I stayed at one of the Park & Suites Appart Hotels in Mairie De Clichy because one of my girlfriends stays there so touring around was not such a hustle. It is a budget friendly option and for me, it worked in my favor because my friend was literally one floor below me so it was fun catching up on old times every night.

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One thing I noticed about French dishes is that, the food is not seasoned as one might expect it to be. So I honestly did not explore food options in France as I would have loved to. All the dishes I tried where an epic fail. Bomber! I will stick to the crepes and pastries next time around for sure. I did though go to a sea food restaurant “Lapero” recommended by some locals, popular for its mussels. If you are into mussels, then this is a place to try out because their menu has a variety of inviting mussel dishes.

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As I mentioned, I spent my time touring the city of Paris hoping from one train to the next indulging in French culture. I enjoyed hanging around the Eiffel tower mingling with the locals just because that is something I would do ha! What better place to meet cool people in France than by the Eiffel ha!

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This was my first time visiting London like every other city I visited and it was everything I envisioned it to be. Definitely a very multicultural touristy city just like a bag of skittles ha!. I spent most of my days there in Oxford Circus shopping my way away. I noticed that Londoners love to shop and I mean a lot. Definitely something I was not used to but it did give me an adrenaline rush so hey, why not!

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style synopsis English breakfast style synopsis buckingham palace London from aboveWHERE TO STAY
I stayed over at my aunt’s house so finding a place to stay was the last thing on my worry list.


Of all the cities I visited, I did not explore food options in London like I would have loved to. It just didn’t cross my mind as I was always doing touristy things eating from food trucks and binging on ice cream cones. I tried out a restaurant in central London called F&B on my first day there because I was desperate to try the famous fish and chips.

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Head to Central London and move from one point to the other. That is exactly what I did. Public transportation in London is very consumer friendly and easy to navigate so that was an essential tool during my visit. I went on the London Eye and had a family day with some family members, saw the Big Ben, walked around Trafalgar Square and spent many other days on Oxford Street  indulging in some much needed retail therapy. I also visited the Buckingham Palace which was a remarkable experience because I was able to experience bits and pieces of British royalty from a distance. On my last day in London, I went on the London Bridge with a long time friend of mine and enjoyed different views of the city on the bridge.

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In Stockholm, my uncle surprised us with a weekend treat on one of the viking cruises, Viking Grace. We boarded on a Friday and returned on a Sunday. I enjoyed sitting back and relaxed, stuffing my body with food and alcohol at sea.  Yes very much needed! It was a fun experience meeting people from Estonia, Sweden and Finland. Definitely different social behaviors and warmth. Nothing out of order but different.


I stayed over at my uncle’s house so I saved up here as well on accommodation.


I was in Sweden for four days so I spent most of my stay on the boat which had a buffet with a wide variety of food choices. I get excited when I see food so this was a big happy moment  for me haha! On my last day in Stockholm, I went to the Mall of Scandinavia to do some last minute shopping, so I grabbed a quick bite in the food court. It had so many options that overwhelmed me. I had a tough time making a decision but when I did, I went for a Mongolian dish. If you know, most Mongolian restaurants let you pick out your ingredients and then they are prepared right in front of you. This was the best Mongolian food I had ever tried. I still think about it today ha!

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I did not do much in Stockholm as I was on the cruise for most of my stay, however I enjoyed how peaceful and quiet the city is. The viking cruises are a popular getaway experience in Stockholm so I highly recommend enjoying this awesome experience.

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Finland was short lived: so what had happened was…..

The boat was making a stop over in Finland the next morning and this was the time we had to hop off to go explore the city of Helsinki for the day. Unfortunately the night before I partied way too hard that I over slept and did not get to hop off the boat when it arrived in Finland. By the time I was wide awake, it was heading to Estonia. I was livid! So anyways, when the boat got back to Finland, I only had about an hour to tour around so I made the best of it. I did not explore much which was disappointing but hey I learnt my lesson. No heavy partying the night before an adventure.

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Spain was short lived and I can’t help beating myself up for not having spread my days in Europe evenly to visit countries like Spain the way I wanted to. Any who, I arrived in Madrid around 8pm and it was still bright out. YAY! Thank God! Madrid is  a party city that attracts so many young folks so I had no choice but to join the club. I enjoyed the vibe and aura I was getting which made it 10 times harder when I was leaving.


I stayed at the One Shot Recoletos at the heart of Madrid. Very cozy, luxurious and modern. I experienced top notch customer service so I highly recommend this hotel.

Style Synopsis in Madrid 12 One Shot Madrid Madrid, Spain style synopsis in Spain 5


Upon arrival, I went to Lateral for dinner  recommended by someone so gracious at the hotel front desk . The area around this restaurant was very vibrant  and exciting with a lot of people living a normal day in Madrid. Everything on the menu was screaming get me in my mind ha! I was not going to skip having authentic Spanish Tapas in Spain. That is all you talk about to people when they ask you about your trip in Spain aside from gushing about the scenery and shopping. So, the next morning before flying to Barcelona,  I went to Mas Q Menos which was around the corner from the hotel to grab breakfast. It had a luring menu so that sold it for me. I did not get a chance to take pictures of the food because I asked to have it for to-go because I did not want to miss my flight.

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Ask locals for things that most tourists do in Spain. They are usually the most helpful than google.

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I spent half the day in Barcelona in Plaça de Catalunya. It was very convenient coming from the airport to this city center as it was one bus ride. Very densely populated, this city area has streets filled with restaurants and clothing stores. I spent a few hours here before heading back to the airport yet again.

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I had an amazing experience in Europe and am glad I can share this with you. Cheers xo!

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