October 10, 2016


stylesynopsis-bell-sleeve-dressstylesynopsis-oahu-sunsetstylesynopsis-oahu-sunset-cruisestylesynopsis-white-lace-dressstylesynopsis-bell-shaped-detailed-dressstylesynopsis-hawaii-sunset-cruisestylesynopsis-embroidered-white-dressstylesynopsis-detailed-summer-white-dressstylesynopsis-makani-catamaran-cruisestylesynopsis-lace-embroidered-dressstylesynopsis-honolulu-city-viewstylesynopsis-hawaiian-sunsetsstylesynopsis-white-summer-dressstylesynopsis-oahu-sunsetsstylesynopsis-honolulu-sunsetsstylesynopsis-summer-sunset-lookstylesynopsis-honolulu-city-viewstylesynopsis-summer-bell-sleeve-dressBlissful seems to be an understatement when I begin to express my new-found love for the tropical Island of Hawaii. Now, I do not want to get into details and will save the needy-greedy ones for my Hawaii travel diary. In the mean time, let’s talk about the gorgeous scenic views I was able to take in while on the Makani Catamaran  sunset cruise, where I reminisced about my adventures here thus far. Because it gets a bit chilly at sea when the sun goes down, this bell armed dress was a no brainer for the evening.

It’s lace embroidery adds a sexy feel to the look giving it a flirty summer vibe and tropical flare. I wore a white lace bra to add more detail to the chest area. This dress is the perfect blend for hot days that cool down to chilly temperatures at night. It’s long-bell-sleeved style that comes with light fabric fits right into these conditions with comfort.

Prior to boarding the catamaran, the temperatures were still humid and boy I could not wait for the sun to set. Overall, I enjoyed socializing with a bunch of tourists and most certainly enjoyed all the compliments I got about my bindi. That was the highlight of the night ha! I was surrounded by good company and amazing views. What else can a girl ask for? I was able to capture tranquil views of Honolulu at dusk complimented by a sunset with a vibrant palette of fiery colors. I can’t complain.

Cheers xo!

Makani Catamaran 

Nasty Gal dress | Mango shoes alternative here, bag alternative here

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