July 11, 2017

I can’t get enough of this gingham high horse that I’m on, I mean who can blame me? I love that this print comes in all kinds of looks. I finally purchased a gingham romper because it is chic and a summer must-have. I also love how colorful and fresh they appeal. It is fruitful and refreshing when I get a patterned romper as oppose to a plain one because it is more fun and elaborate. I usually wear dresses for the most part, during summer because they simplify everything. From being an easy throw on, to having little to no complexities when you have to use the bathroom LOL, dresses have always been a win-win for me during this time of the year. I have decided to change things up a bit and be more open to other summer styles like rompers. Needless to say, I do purchase rompers from time to time but not as often as I do dresses.

style-synopsis-red-gingham-romper-fabric-mules-outfitstyle-synopsis-red-gingham-romper-fabric-mules-outfitstyle-synopsis-red-gingham-romper-fabric-mules-outfitstyle-synopsis-red-gingham-romper-fabric-mules-outfitstyle-synopsis-red-gingham-romper-fabric-mules-outfitstyle-synopsis-red-gingham-romper-fabric-mules-outfitstyle-synopsis-red-gingham-romper-fabric-mules-outfitstyle-synopsis-red-gingham-romper-fabric-mules-outfitstyle-synopsis-red-gingham-romper-fabric-mules-outfitstyle-synopsis-red-gingham-romper-fabric-mules-outfitI can be a girly girl when I put my mind to it and wear cute sophisticated things. A cute little romper will always get you a few compliments and have some heads turning. This romper is very comfortable (fabric super gentle on the skin) and it feels light as well. The cool thing about getting a sassy romper like this is that you don’t have to accessorize a lot. It has enough detailing and elements to it that speak for themselves. I accessorized with minimal jewelry and a mini bag. I am a huge fan of small bags during summer because I don’t carry much in my bag anyways. I wore mules alternative here & here for this look because they are super comfortable and because their fabric is impeccable. Thanks for stopping by!

Angela x

Outfit details

ASOS romper | Zara mules alternative here & here


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By Angé

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