July 28, 2017

This past weekend, I discovered yet another hideout in Georgetown. This small town in the Nations Capital never ceases to amaze me. I always find a different sense of comfort and belonging when I go to Georgetown. The people, the food, the ambience, I mean the eclectic energy too, takes it to another level. It feels like a small town in Europe with so much to do and so many memories to capture. I enjoy coming here because there is so much charm that keeps me in tune. I took all of this week’s blog pictures in Georgetown because I wanted to capture different sides to the city that I normally don’t. While I was preparing to shoot for this look, I came across this secluded bridge that most bikers ride on to get to the bike trails from the key bridge.

style-synopsis-poplin-print-top-skirt-with-bow style-synopsis-poplin-print-top style-synopsis-suede-royal-blue-heeled-sandals style-synopsis-poplin-print-top-bow-skirt-heeled-sandals style-synopsis-poplin-print-top-bow-skirt-heeled-sandals style-synopsis-poplin-print-top-bow-skirt-heeled-sandals style-synopsis-poplin-print-top-bow-skirt-heeled-sandals style-synopsis-poplin-print-top-bow-skirt-heeled-sandalsI thought it would be the perfect backdrop for this look. I recently purchased this top (alternative) from Zara when their semi-annual sale was midway through. It has a lot of breathing space because of its poplin silhouette, in addition to the fruit prints that add color and character to the top. I paired it with this skirt  (alternative) from Zara as well, which is one of my favorite skirts if not my only favorite. I like wearing it in the fall with stockings and in the summer like I did here just to switch things up. I elevated this look with these heeled sandals (alternative) that I recently purchased from Mango. I will say that these shoes have been on my feet every other day since I got them in the mail. They are a chic color pop and are extremely versatile. I added another color accent to the outfit by accessorizing with this bag (alternative ) to complete the look. One trick that I have picked up on when taking pictures, is finding the perfect backdrops. Although DC is not a big city, I still try  to find unique shooting locations so that I bring something different to you all each week. Happy Friday and thanks for tuning in!

Angela x


Outfit details

Mango shoes alternative | Zara top alternative, skirt alternative, bag alternative  





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By Angé


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    Hey! I just signed up to your blog for your amazing fashion sense, we are about the same skin tone and I’d like inspiration on what colors make our skin pop and shine (even though according to this blog, it might just be all the colors). Anyway, keep up the good work.

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      Thank you so much dear for stopping by. I’m glad you got inspiration from my so called little hub here. Hop on and I hope I won’t bore you aware 🙂

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