August 12, 2016

If you wear jeans in 100 degree weather on the daily, you are the real MVP. I could barely breathe in these jeans only because it was really humid outside when I wore them.

Mom jeans are the it thing, at least for now. Boyfriend and destroyed jeans have been around for years and now the mom jean trend is slowly making its way up the ranks. I think mom jeans are super comfortable and chic. Think of how you style your boyfriend jeans and equate that to styling mom jeans. It’s the same concept, just a different style of bottoms.

style synopsis summer street styles style synosis red cross bag style synopsis two toned style style synopsis two toned pump style synopsis summer colorful looks style synopsis stripped blue topFor the summer you can wear a crop top with your mom jeans and add a pair of sneakers with them. Accessorize with a chocker necklace and a couple stacks of rings. For the cold seasons, big sweaters will give you a chic and edgy vibe accompanied by some leg flattering stilettos. I am going to purchase a couple more mom jeans in denim and black just to play around with different styles because they definitely get my styling juices going when I think of them. haha!

style synopsis blue outfit ideas style synopsis street fashion style synopsis shades of blue style synopsis mom jeans style synopsis denim mom jeans style synopsis blue stripped bow topAnyways moving on, so I went for a “girl next door” vibe in this look by pairing my mom jeans with this knot top and wearing these chic two toned pumps. They are the most budget friendly alternatives to Chanel’s iconic two toned pump. Just had to add that to my collection. I added a pop of color (you know am big on color pops) of red with this vibrant lippie and a mini cross bag. This mini cross bag was one of my purchases in Spain which I adore. I am going to link an alternative bag as the site for the brand I got it does not ship internationally.

Cheers xo!

Zara shoes, top | Bershka jeans alternative here | Joe & Mr  Joe bag similar here alternative here

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By Angé

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