August 25, 2016

style synopsis mom-jeans-paris-printed-tshirt

style synopsis mom-jeans-street-styleDon’t we all love to have the parcel delivery man leave us a delivery of new clothes. I enjoy shopping and updating my closet with the latest style trends and steals. Now let’s be realistic, this is not something an average girl can afford to do often. People do have financial obligations and cannot splurge every time they get an email alert from their favorite brand about a pop up sale or new item in stock.  Now some established bloggers however are privileged to have brands send them new merchandise often while bloggers that are still working their way up to the ranks, do not have these privileges.

Well if you belong in the “I would love to have new clothes when I wish to but can’t afford to” category, then here are a few tips for you. Look into your closet and search for those abandoned pair of jeans or tops that you think are not trendy or are outdated. Consider how you can transform them into game changing styles. Style is all about creativity and making elevated versions of nothing into something. If it is a top that you are contemplating giving away, think of ways you can recreate it to something that is trendy or stylish. The same applies to jeans; these are uniform which is a given. When you pick out a top to wear, pair it with jeans that will bring out its hues and embroidery in a flattering way.

Next pair the look with shoes that will compliment it by adding a feminine and elegant touch. Consider the style of the shoe and how it will charm the look. Different shoe styles bring out different looks. As for old dresses stuck in the closet, adjust them to your liking with the help of a seamstress. If it is an old balloon dress, grab a pair of scissors and turn it into an off shoulder dress. Create a slit or add buttons to it for  different trendy styles (this is the most budget friendly route to go).  I always think about proportion when pairing jeans, tops, skirts or dresses.

Thinking of how one compliments the other makes for the perfect silhouette. Now this Paris printed t-shirt similar here that I picked up in a souvenir store when I visited Paris has been sitting in my closet for a while. I had to think of a way to make it a statement piece so I paired it with my mom jeans to create an 80’s look. Now to make the look even more elegant, I added my So Kate heels for a sophisticated eye-catching allure. My Rebecca Minkoff love crossbody bag always adds an exquisite flare to my looks so it was a no brainer for this look. And just like that, you won’t have to excessively spend money unrealistically on clothes.

style synopsis-mom-jeans-red-bottoms-style   style synopsis-mom-jeans-summer-looks  style synopsis-mom-jeans-quilted-bag-styles style synopsis-mom-jeans-shirt-style style synopsis-mom-jeans-street-fashion style synopsis-mom-jeans-chic-styles style synopsis-paris-printed-shirt-styleCheers xo!

Rebecca Minkoff bag | Paris printed T-shirt similar here | Christian Louboutin heels | Bershka jeans alternative here

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By Angé

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