July 2, 2017

Happy Sunday lovelies! Long weekends are perfect for relaxing and travel. I have nothing major to look forward to on my 4th of July itinerary but I hope you all do. It kind of sucks that this holiday falls on a Tuesday. Usually it falls on a Monday which makes it smooth to plan for the long weekend. I usually like going to the beach or going to BBQ parties at friends’ houses. Yesterday was a very laid back day for me. It was one of those Saturday’s whereby I slept in, had nothing planned which was perfectly fine by me. Lazy Saturdays are healthy and in a sense practical if you work Monday through Friday and never get some me time. I planned on making some great food at home and watch movies. Beef & cheese nachos, chicken taquitos, plantains with guacamole and salsa did it for me.

style-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsstyle-synopsis-polka-dot-off-shoulder-crop-top-lemonde-print-shortsI had to go all out as I always do when it comes to cooking. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the food, sorry guys! On my way to the grocery store, I decided to wear something casual and simple. I wore this off the shoulder top that you have probably seen a couple of times. I went with these floral pants to add a pop of color and intrigue to the look. I usually wear a simple dress and flip-flops when making grocery store runs however this time, I figured, short shorts (alternative) and a crop off shoulder top (alternative) wouldn’t hurt. Because it had rained earlier in the day, I decided to go with loafers alternative here & here for this look. They gave the look a kick adding a simple modern touch. This cross-body bag is a must-have for me because it literally goes with any outfit that I wear. I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend on weekends doing nothing but random things. Cooking together and staying in is usually on our agenda on weekends like this. Happy 4th and I hope you all enjoy the festivities. Thank you for stopping by!


Outfits details

Zara shoes here & here | Express top alternative, shorts alternative      

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