July 5, 2017

I always get questions like: “How many clothes do you have or, how often do you shop”?

I will be the first one to admit that I hate the word budget. It is very restrictive and limits you to many things. Well, I had to learn (actually forced myself to learn) how to dress up on a budget. Brands release new merchandise each season which can be overwhelming for a consumer. Having to keep up with trends and latest pieces can be daunting. It is tempting to always jump on these new releases without consciously thinking of the impact they can have on your pockets. This is unrealistic if you have other financial priorities like bills to handle. I always get questions like: “How many clothes do you have or, how often do you shop”? I try to break it down to people by explaining how I take old clothes and switch the same outfit around to make it look like a brand new outfit. I have always been that girl who will literally shop till I drop. I mean max my credit card and have a zero balance on my account. I learnt however that there is a method to this madness. I figured that I can save up my money and buy all these items when they are on sale. I love me a good sale and I always make it a point to take advantage of sales that my favorite stores and brands have.

style-synopsis-denim-espadrilles-floral-off-shoulder-dressstyle-synopsis-denim-espadrilles-floral-off-shoulder-dressstyle-synopsis-denim-espadrilles-floral-off-shoulder-dressstyle-synopsis-denim-espadrilles-floral-off-shoulder-dressstyle-synopsis-floral-off-shoulder-dressstyle-synopsis-denim-espadrilles-floral-off-shoulder-dressstyle-synopsis-denim-espadrilles-floral-off-shoulder-dressstyle-synopsis-denim-espadrilles-floral-off-shoulder-dressstyle-synopsis-denim-espadrilles-floral-off-shoulder-dressOn the flip side, you can still buy clothes when they are still full price. This depends on whether these prices fall under your budget. I usually do this when I know a store won’t bring items in stock once they are out. This saves me time wasted beating myself up for not purchasing an item. If a store however always brings back most of its merchandise once they are sold out like Mango for instance, I usually wait until the item I want is on sale. I splurge like a loose cannon when I get email notifications of sales. I got this dress from Zara (alternative here & here) for $25 after it had been marked down from I believe $50. It was a great purchase that I didn’t have to second guess. This was how I dressed up  to a 4th of July party yesterday. I got a lot of compliments on this dress and couldn’t help but brag about how it was such a good steal. I paired this look with these espadrilles (similar) that I live for haha! You guys are probably used to seeing this bag on here. I love her versatile and complimentary it is to every look I accessorize it with. I hope this post helped some of you with learning how to dress interchangeably but on a fixed budget.

Angela x

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Zara dress alternative here & here | Soludos espadrilles similar 


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By Angé


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    You are an absolute inspiration, so very talented, and equally breathtaking…greater success is just around the corner. Keep going and always with your head held high. Hugs and Kisses xoxo-Livi and Capri <3

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      You’re so sweet Capri. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it dearly 🙂

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