August 3, 2016

Have you ever prepared for a date night but run out of outfit ideas? Some of my girlfriends call me up and ask me for outfit ideas when they are going on dates and sometimes it is difficult helping them figure out what to wear. I had to sit down and think really hard of what is appropriate to wear on a first date. Appropriate does sound a bit formal so let’s go with “something that is not over the top and decent enough” to scare your potential partner away. Going the sexy route is never a fail if done in a subtle way. An off shoulder top or dress like this is sexy and flirty without overly exposing a lot of skin.

style synopsis off shoulder baby blue dress style synopsis baby blue dress

style synopsis summer styles in blue style synopsis stylish off shoulders  style synopsis vibrant color styles

style synopsis stylish off shoulderA mix of both flirty and conservative looks is usually ideal on a first date as first impressions are always key. I also try to stay away from carrying a big bag as that usually gets in the way when you have nowhere to sit it down. A small bag comes in handy as  it can be placed on the table or on your laps for the matter. Heels are very feminine and sexy as they elongate the legs making you look slimmer and taller. One take away though is staying away from uncomfortable heels. Those can ruin a whole date. I usually stick to flat shoes that are stylish and comfortable like these although I am a sucker for extra leg length.

style synopsis red and blue style style synopsis pointed metal heel style synopsis open shoulder style style synopsis open back stylesstyle synopsis off shoulder styles 5 style synopsis off shoulder looksVibrant colors are a hell no as they are shouting and attract a lot of unwanted attention. Balancing color tones is important because you want your date to focus on what you’re saying to them and not focus on a vibrant neon piece of clothing. Red lips are definitely sexy and romantic so this choice of lip color is never a bad idea. Also, they can be used as an excuse if you do not want to kiss on the first date. haha! Keep the tip.

Cheers xo!

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By Angé

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