June 27, 2017

Weddings are fun to attend mostly when you are not a part of the bridal entourage. Summer weddings are even better because you get to play around with exquisite embroidery, summer trends, fun colors you name it. Two weekends back, my best friend got married and had a beautiful intimate farm ceremony. It was filled with joy, laughter, friends and family I mean the energy was positive and infectious. I got to catch up with my girls on life, and just enjoyed their company. I was not ready to skip this day for the world. She decided to have her sisters only, along with her as her bridesmaids. This was a win-win for me especially because I wanted to sit back and really take in this special day without worrying so much about the needy greedy and logistics of the ceremony. Needless to say, I was in her every corner ready to jump in to help with anything she wanted help with. She was not a frantic bride nor a bridezilla. Her personality does not call for these traits so this was the least of my worries.


style-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summer style-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summer style-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerstye-synopsis-summer-wedding-decorstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summer

style-synopsis-sunflower-decorstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerstyle-synopsis-tassel-earringsstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerstyle-synopsis-wedding-guest-dress-ideas-for-summerIt was a beautiful spring day, although the humidity was out of the roof. I sweating like a marathon runner literally. Makeup was running, I mean I was not winning this time. This however, was expected as we were closely approaching the summer months. Because this was a less formal wedding, I decided to wear this mustard yellow ruffle sleeve maxi dress with drapery. It was a simplistic option with minimal detail yet captivating. I wanted something comfortable and not too heavy given the wedding venue. The reception was in a barn so I immediately had to choose comfort over being too glammed up. I love that this dress compliments my complexion which is one of the reasons I got it, and was also inexpensive. I was going for minimal accessories here so I opted for these Mango tassel earrings alternative. Their watermelon design, and embellishment in addition to the vibrant green certainly brought this dress to life. I felt casual chic and blended right in with the sun flowers haha. Minimalizing was the goal here and I achieved every objective.

Angela x

Outfit details

ASOS dress | Mango earrings alternative 


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By Angé


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    Joey Heilman

    Such a fun day!!!

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      I loved it 🙂

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    Absolutely gorgeous. You look like you’ve been sun kissed!!! Sunflowers are my favorites so you got me at yellow!!!

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      Thanks Beatrice for stopping by. Very much appreciated 🙂

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